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First objective

Presenting ¬†Islamic ¬†and contextually ‚Äďbased science in an effective, functional,¬† reasoned and moderate manner.

Second objective

Accompanying a group of future vanguard  erudite scholars (Ulama) at both the local and international scales through education and assessment, aiming at  providing them with a complete and integrated training. Thus, they  become immunized against alienation, extremism and rigidity and capable of  propagating  such immunization  to others. In our cotemporary context, evident is that such new dynamics turned out to be a prerequisite.

Third objective

Achieving a reasoned and critical thinking-grounded effectiveness that will enhance scholars’ performance.

Fourth objective

Unleashing creative potentials in areas of beneficial and effective action premising  on knowledge and science. This end is to be achieved  through  opening  to various disciplines in a way that ensures interaction and inter-complementarity between perception and knowledge.

Fifth objective

Contributing to responding to the most controversial  issues in the Islamic world  and the world at large.

Sixth objective

Facilitating a constructive dialogue aiming at improving methods and approaches to sharia science.

Seventh objective

Putting at the disposal of youth a number of alternatives in the digital world, lending heavy attention to the interaction with its authentic content attractive and beneficial to them.